Frigorífico San José is a family owned company belonging to José Villagrán Aedo and family, founded in year 2010 and with its beginning of operations in June of the same year. To date, it has established itself as an integral logistic operator in the eighth region of Chile, covering various operative and productive areas in the agroindustry and with the vision of that time to solve the serious deficit of these services in the area, which forced potential customers to leave the region in search of solutions, with all the disadvantages that this entails. The know-how acquired over the years is manifested in the fact that we have manuals of procedures, safety manuals, a rigorous system of quality assurance and Food Safety plans, focused on continuous improvement and designed to maintain absolute control of the entire production chain and of the export process.

In the Logistics area, our business approach is to provide a professional response to the specific requirements of each Customer, developing and managing customized solutions, adding the best practices of the industry in first class facilities.

In the area of food processing, our focus is primarily on being able to fully meet the demands of destination markets both for our customers in processing and the markets of our own products.

Currently, it has 4 processing lines, 3 of them for fresh berries, whose main destination is export for the retail market and 1 for frozen berries both for the domestic industry and for export. In addition, it has two processing lines for the export of nuts for industrial purposes.

Its production capacity is around 3 thousand tons per season and its storage and distribution capacity is 5,000 tons of fresh and frozen products, which allows the generation of jobs for more than 300 people in times of high demand. It has high standard storage chambers for the monitoring and assurance of the cold chain in its production lines. In addition, within its infrastructure, it has five loading and unloading platforms each equipped with dock levelers. Electric stackers for product handling and electric power generator ready to operate in case of emergency, ensuring continuity in production, storage and distribution operations.

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