Policy of the Quality and Safety Management System

Frigorífico San José is a company created in 2010, located in the city of Chillan, Comuna de Chillán. Our company focuses on the manual and mechanical selection, packaging and storage of refrigerated and frozen blueberries, packaging and storage of frozen raspberries and blackberries, destined to the domestic and international markets. The logistics and production chain covers operations ranging from “The Selection of Raw Materials to the Storage of Finished Products".

This is why Frigorífico San José José has implemented the BRC food version 7, committing itself to:

  • Guaranteeing the quality and safety of the products at all stages of the process up to delivery to customers and consumers.
  • Ensuring that the equipment and facilities used guarantee the quality and safety of the products manufactured.
  • Providing our employees with the appropriate training that allows the production of products safe for human consumption.
  • Complying with all legal requirements established by the competent authority, as well as with all those that have been agreed with our customers regarding quality, safety and legality of our products.
  • Always seek for the continuous improvement of our Management System.
  • Promoting and maintaining sufficient, effective and timely communication with our customers, consumers, staff, suppliers, competent authority, or other organizations related to the quality, safety and legality of our products.
  • Ensuring the availability of information and resources needed to achieve the goals and targets set.
  • To achieve a clear positioning in the market through the valuation of our brand, all the Managing and area heads are committed to spread our policy to all levels of the organization, customers, suppliers and third parties that have relations with Frigorífico San José.