Vision Statement

To be the best logistics operator in the Region, offering world-class services, recognized by customers and competitors, characterized by innovation, flexibility and teamwork as well as our ability to anticipate and respond appropriately to changes.

We have based our business philosophy on establishing relationships of trust with our clients achieving synergies that allow them to maintain levels of leadership and competitiveness.

 Mission Statement

Develop creative and innovative solutions in integral logistics services, providing added value to our customers' business, maintaining quality, safety and environmental standards in our services and minimizing the costs generated.

 Flexible Service

We offer a flexible service that allows companies to reduce their costs, focus on their core business and improve the quality of end customer service. We have the right equipment to make self-adhesive labels, bar codes, labels, and in general all facilities required by the importer or exporter in the reception, care, storage and delivery of their products.

 Quality Product and Service

To ensure the quality of our service we have implemented our HACCP Plan in all services and processes, as well as being a plant attached to the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), for Origin and registered for USDA. Our refrigeration facility is fully oriented to service, so we will always be open to solve, as soon as possible, any need of our customers, at any time and any day of the year.

Frigorífico San José has implemented the HACCP standards based on Codex Alimentarius and the Chilean Standard NCh 2861-2004, certified by Bureau Veritas Certification. We are also a plant attached to the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), for its program Origin, USDA, and Promotion Material. We also have certification for organic products for the processing of Berries and pomegranates, certified by IMO Swiss AG (IMO). We also have certification of our production process of organic and conventional blueberries by Primus GFS, and certification of raw materials berries in general and dried products by Latin Kosher. We are also certified by the BRC (British Retail Consortium) global standard for food safety, certified by SGS and UKAS Product Certification.

We also have online monitoring of the temperature of our chambers through the Saveris Professional Software of the German brand Testo, which allows us to measure, record and manage alarms, deliver reports periodically, generate statistics, etc., at the service of our customers.